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Lateral Step Down Test

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Other Names

  • Lateral Step Down Test
  • One Legged Squat Test


Demonstration of the lateral step down test including good and bad mechanics.
  • Evaluate cause of knee pain
  • Note: similar to Step Down Test, except patient moves in lateral direction


  • The patient stands with the involved leg on a 15 cm step.
    • Hands are on waist, contralateral leg hanging over floor
    • Note: this will require most to bend the knee at about 60° during the test.
  • The patient is asked to reach down and touch the opposite, noninvolved heel to the ground, then return to the starting position
  • Positive test
    • The patient should be rated on the criteria
    • Score 0-1 good, 2-3 average, 4+ poor quality of movement
  • Scoring
    • Arm movement (1 pt)
    • Trunk movement (1 pt)
    • Pelvis rotation (1 pt)
    • Knee position (1 pt if crosses midline 2 nd toe, 2 pts if crosses midline medial foot)
    • Stance maintenance (1 pt)
  • Note
    • Dynamic patellar testing assesses trunk/pelvic stability as well
    • Weak hip abductors increase medial femoral rotation/valgus knee strain with PFPS



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