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Matles Test

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Other Names

  • Matles test


Matles Test
Positive Matle's test. Note the affected leg in the foreground is resting in a position of dorsiflexion compared to the other leg[1]


  • The patient lies prone, both knees flexed to 90°
    • Feet are relaxed
    • Physician observes resting position of feet
  • Normal
    • Feet are in slight plantarflexion
  • Abnormal
    • Foot is in dorsiflexion



  • Unknown

See Also


  1. Periasamy, Madhu, Hari Venkatramani, and Raja Sabapathy Shanmuganathan. "Management of Chronic Achilles Tendon Injuries—Review of Current Protocols and Surgical Options." Indian journal of plastic surgery: official publication of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India 52.1 (2019): 109.
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