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Metacarpophalangeal Joint

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Stabilizing Structures and Actions

  • Proper Collateral Ligaments
    • Origination: dorsal aspect of metacarpal head
    • Insertion: volar aspect of base of proximal phalanx
    • Function: Primary stabilizer of MCPJ, most stability provided during flexion
  • Accessory Collateral Ligaments
    • Origination: volar to the proper collateral ligaments
    • Insertion: volar plate
    • Function: Provide stability in flexion
  • Volar Plate
    • Function: stabilizes the volar aspect of MCP joint, allows hyperextension of MCPJ
    • Thick fibrocartilaginous portion distally, loose membranous portion proximally
  • Dorsal Capsule
    • Function: weak stabilizer of the dorsal aspect of MCP joint
  • Sagittal Bands
    • Origination: from the extensor hood
    • Insertion: attaches volarly with transverse metacarpal ligament
    • Function: supports the extrinsic tendons



Clinical Significance

  • Needs to be updated

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