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Peroneal Tunnel Compression Test

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Other Names

  • Peroneal Tunnel Compression Test


Peroneal Tunnel Compression Test
Demonstration of the peroneal tunnel compression test


  • The patient is seated with knee bent and foot and ankle relaxed[1]
  • Examiner places thumb over the superior peroneal retinaculum from the posterior ridge of the fibula to the calcaneus
    • Apply gentle pressure on the peroneal tendons while at rest
  • The patient then dorsiflexes and everts his foot and ankle
    • Examiner maintains thumb in same position with applied pressure
  • Positive test
    • Recreation of the patient's pain
    • Crepitus, squeaking may be palpable



  • Unknown

See Also


  1. ). A positive test is marked by a recreation of the patient's pain. Crepitus or squeaking of the involved tendons (wet leather sign) may be palpable
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