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Prepatellar Bursa

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  • In cadaveric studies, a trilaminar prepatellar bursa was found in 78-93% of people, and a bilaminar bursa was found in 7-22% cases[1]
  • The prepatellar bursa does not communicate with the joint space
  • The prepatellar bursa is a flat, round, synovial-lined structure
  • This bursa is superficial, suggesting that it is undeveloped at birth.
  • Within the first few months to years of life, the bursa arises from direct pressure and friction.



  • Separate the Patella from the patellar tendon and skin.
  • Reduce friction between the skin and the patella and allows maximal range of motion (ROM).

Vascular Supply


Clinical Significance

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  1. Aguiar, Rodrigo O., et al. "The prepatellar bursa: cadaveric investigation of regional anatomy with MRI after sonographically guided bursography." American Journal of Roentgenology 188.4 (2007): W355-W358.
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