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Prone Hip Extension Test

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Other Names

Illustration of the prone hip extension test[1]
  • Prone Hip Extension Test
  • Staheli Test


  • Evaluate the mobility of the hip flexors


  • The patient is prone with both hips flexed at edge of table
    • “Thurston method” involves only one hip at a time flexed on side of table
  • Support pelvis, extend affected leg until pelvis lifts off table
    • This signifies completion of pelvic motion & start of lumbar motion
  • Measure angle of extension to assess iliopsoas muscle tightness/contracture
    • Horizontal thigh angle
  • Positive test
    • Inability of hip to extend to neutral
    • Due to hip flexor tightness, contracture



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  1. Moon, Seung Jun, et al. "Normative values of physical examinations commonly used for cerebral palsy." Yonsei Medical Journal 58.6 (2017): 1170-1176.
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