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Resisted Internal Rotation Test of the Hip

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Other Names

  • Resisted Internal Rotation Test Hip


Demonstration of the resisted internal rotation test of the hip[1]
  • Evaluate the gluteal muscles as a cause of hip pain


  • The patient is supine
  • Affected limb has hip, knee flexed to 90°, add 10° hip external rotation
  • The patient then attempts to internally rotate the hip against resistance
  • Positive test
    • Pain or weakness



Gluteus Medius Tear

  • Ortiz-Declet et al looking at Gluteus Medius Tears[1]
    • Sensitivity: 92%
    • Specificity: 85%
    • PPV: 85%
    • NPV: 92%
    • Diagnostic Accuracy: 88%

See Also


  1. 1.0 1.1 Ortiz-Declet, Victor, et al. "Diagnostic accuracy of a new clinical test (resisted internal rotation) for detection of gluteus medius tears." Journal of Hip Preservation Surgery 6.4 (2019): 398-405.
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