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Spring Ligament Complex

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  • General
    • Term 'spring ligament' is a misnomer, there are no elastic or spring-like properties
    • Functions like a normal ligament
  • Composed of 3 ligaments
    • Superior medial calcaneonavicular (SMCN)
      • This bundle is a broad, triangular-shaped ligament that fans out from the anteromedial margin of the sustentaculum of the calcaneus
      • Insert on the navicular margin[1]
      • Contains an overlying layer of fibrocartilage for articulation with the talar head
    • Inferior calcaneonavicular (ICN)
      • Narrow band like, quadrilateral ligament with its origin between the anterior and middle facets of the sustentaculum
      • Inserts plantarly on the lateral portion of the navicular
    • Medial plantar oblique (MPO), sometimes called “third ligament”
      • Originates from the facet between anterior and middle facets of the calcaneus
      • Courses more medially than the ICN, deep to the fibrocartilage of the SMCN
      • Has some continuity with fibers of the deltoid, specifically the tibiocalcaneonavicular ligament
    • Spring ligament recess is an outpouching of the plantar capsule of the talonavicular joint between the ICN and MPO portions


  • Acts as a static restraint to the arch[2]
    • In conjunction with the plantar fascia, tibionavicular ligament, long and short plantar ligaments, and the talocalcaneal ligament
  • Acts as a sling for the talar head (acetabulum pedis)[3]
    • Preventing the talar head from plantarflexing
  • Prevents subluxation of the talonavicular joint
    • Incompetence or injury of the spring ligament
    • May allow subluxation of the talonavicular joint
    • The talar head sags into plantarflexion with associated abduction through the transverse tarsal joint
    • Eversion of the calcaneus leading to hindfoot valgus

Vascular Supply


Clinical Significance

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