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Square Wrist Sign

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Other Names

  • Square Wrist Sign


  • To help characterize the size of the wrist pain patients with suspected median neuropathy or carpal tunnel syndrome


Measurements of the square wrist test with anterior-posterior (D) and medial-lateral (C)[1]
  • Patient is seated or standing
  • Measure anterior-posterior dimension of the wrist (at the distal wrist crease)
  • Measure the medio-lateral dimension
  • Positive Test:
    • The ratio of the wrist thickness to the wrist width is greater than 0.7.



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Kulman et al[2], Radecki et al[3]
  • Sensitivity: 47 - 69%
  • Specificity: 73 - 83%

See Also


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