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Sulcus Sign

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Other Names

Sulcus Sign
(A) Position to assess a sulcus sign in a patient with suspected MDI. (B) Patient demonstrating a positive sulcus sign as noted by the amount of inferior translation of the humerus within the glenoid.[1]
  • Inferior Sulcus Test



  • Patient is seated or standing, arm resting at the patients side in the neutral position
  • Examiner places inferior traction on the patients shoulder
  • Positive test
    • Increased space between the lateral edge of the Acromion and the head of the Humerus



  • Unknown

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  1. Wilk, Kevin E., and Leonard C. Macrina. "Nonoperative and postoperative rehabilitation for glenohumeral instability." Clinics in sports medicine 32.4 (2013): 865-914.
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