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Thompson Test

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Other Names

Thompson Test
Illustration of the Thompson test. Normal exam in the top image and an abnormal exam in the bottom[1]
  • Thompson Test
  • Simmonds' Test
  • Simmonds-Thompson Test


  • Evaluate integrity of Achilles Tendon in the setting of posterior ankle and calf pain


  • Patient lays prone, feet hanging off end of table
  • Examiner squeezes calf on unaffected limb, which should have intact plantarflexion
  • Examiner should then squeeze the calf of the affected limb
  • Positive test is absence of plantarflexion



  • Unknown

See Also


  1. Thompson TC, Doherty JH. Spontaneous rupture of tendon of Achilles: a new clinical diagnostic test. J Trauma. 1962; 2: 126-129.
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