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Chair Apprehension Test

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Other Names

  • Chair Sign
  • Chair Rise Test
  • Chair Push-up Test
  • Stand-up Test
  • Modified Chair Apprehension Test


Modified Chair Apprehension Test
Illustration of the Chair Apprehension Test[1]


  • The patient is seated in a chair and asked to perform a sitting pushup
  • The patient begins seated with elbows flexed to 90°, forearms supinated, and arms abducted greater than shoulder width.
  • Positive Test
    • Reluctance to extend the elbow fully while using arms to raise up from the chair
    • Pain or reproduction of symptoms from radial subluxation or LUCL instability


  • This test can be used having a patient seated on the floor
    • Attempts to stand up using arms behind back, may use table as support
    • Forearms naturally in max supination posteriorly



Posterolateral Rotatory Instability

See Also


  1. Image courtesy of orthofixar.com/, "Chair Push-up Test"
  2. Regan W, Lapner PC. Prospective evaluation of two diagnostic apprehension signs for posterolateral instability of the elbow. J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 2006;15(3):344–346.
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