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Elevated Arm Stress Test

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Other Names

  • Roos Stress Test
  • Roos Test
  • EAST test
  • Hands up test
  • Roo's Test
  • Elevated Arm Stress Test (EAST)



  • Patient is seated with both arms abducted to 90°, elbows flexed to 90° with hands pointed towards the ceiling
  • Patient must open and close hands repeatedly over 3 minute period
  • Normal: Muscle fatigue
  • Abnormal Results
    • Increasing pain progressing down neck and arms
    • Parasthesias
    • Pallor which resolves when arms brought to rest (arterial)
    • Cyanosis and swelling (venous)
    • Inability to complete tests
    • Reproduction of patient symptoms affecting entire extremity



See Also


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