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Fulcrum Test

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Other Names

  • Fulcrum Test


Fulcrum Test
Clinical demonstration of the fulcrum test[1]


  • The patient is seated, legs hanging from the examination table
  • The examiner sits on the side of the affected limb
  • One arm is placed under the symptomatic thigh, with the palm resting on the contralateral thigh
  • The other arm applies downward pressure on the patients lower leg, using the hand under the thigh as a 'fulcrum'
  • The hand under thigh can be moved up and down the leg to attempt to find the place of maximal discomfort
  • Positive test
    • Increased pain or discomfort, sometimes apprehension



  • Unknown

See Also


  1. Behrens, Steve B., et al. "Stress fractures of the pelvis and legs in athletes: a review." Sports health 5.2 (2013): 165-174.
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