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Reverse Pivot Shift Test

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Other Names

Reverse Pivot Shift Test
The reverse pivot shift test[1]
  • Reverse Pivot Shift Test



  • The patient is in the supine position
  • The knee is placed in 70° of flexion and the foot is rotated externally
  • This leads to posterior subluxation of the lateral compartment of the PLC-injured knee
  • The knee is then slowly extended to about 20-30° of flexion
    • The force vector of the Iliotibial Band changes as the tibia is pulled forward, reducing the subluxation.
  • Positive
    • Audible "clank" heard at 30-degrees while moving into extension



  • Knee

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  1. Lunden, Jason B., et al. "Current concepts in the recognition and treatment of posterolateral corner injuries of the knee." journal of orthopaedic & sports physical therapy 40.8 (2010): 502-516.
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