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Single Limb Heel Rise

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Other Names

  • Single limb heel rise
  • Single leg calf raise


Clinical demonstration of normal single limb heel rise.[1]
  • Evaluate the strength and stability of the ankle joint


  • The patient uses their arms to balance themselves against the wall.
  • The patient will then lift the unaffected foot off the ground
  • Patient attempt to rise onto the toes of the affected foot
  • Positive test
    • Inability to perform a single raise
    • Weakness after multiple heel attempts



  • Unknown

See Also


  1. Vallance, Patrick, et al. "Self-reported pain with single leg heel raise or single leg hop offer distinct information as measures of severity in men with midportion and insertional Achilles tendinopathy: An observational cross-sectional study." Physical Therapy in Sport 47 (2021): 23-31.
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