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Deltoid Ligament

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Anatomic illustration of the deltoid ligament and other medial ligaments of the foot and ankle
  • Superficial Ligaments
    • Composed of: tibiospring, tibionavicular, superficial posterior tibiotalar, and tibiocalcaneal ligaments
    • Tibioligamentous portion has a broad insertion on the Spring Ligament
  • Deep Ligaments
    • Composed of: deep posterior tibiotalar and deep anterior tibiotalar ligaments
    • An intermediate tibiotalar ligament has been described[1]
    • Cross only the ankle joint
  • Anatomic variance
    • Wide variability in cadaveric descriptions[2]


  • Strong restraint which limits talar abduction[3]
    • Primary restraint against pronation of the talus[4]
  • Superficial ligaments limit talar abduction or negative talar tilt
  • Deep layers of the deltoid ligament limit external rotation

Vascular Supply


Clinical Significance

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