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Pectoralis Major

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  • Not necessary for activities of daily living
  • Important for athletic or labor intensive activities
  • Powerful adductor, internal rotator of the arm[1]
  • Also contributes to shoulder flexion when arm is extended or neutral
  • Contributes to extension when arm is forward flexed


  • Pectoral branch of thoracoacromial artery (60%)
  • Clavicular branch of thoracoacromial artery (20%)
  • Internal mammary artery (20%)


  • Lateral pectoral nerve (C5, C6)
  • Middle pectoral nerve (C7)
  • Medial pectoral nerve (C8, T1)

Clinical Significance

See Also

  1. 48. Marmor, L, Bechtol, CO, Hall, CB. Pectoralis major muscle: function of sternal portion and mechanism of rupture of normal muscle: case reports. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 1961;43(1):81-87.
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