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Wall Pushup Test

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Other Names

Wall Pushup Test
Illustration of the wall pushup test with scapular winging on the right[1]
  • Wall Pushup Test (WPUT)


  • Evaluate dynamic motion of the Scapula as a cause of shoulder pain


  • The patient is standing, facing the wall
  • Shoulders flexed to 90, elbows in extension, wrists extended
    • Patient is standing in the "push up" position
  • The patient slowly bends their elbows, allowing their body to move closer to the wall
  • Examiner monitors the position of the scapula
  • Positive test
    • Winging of the scapula



Lower Serratus Anterior Deficiency

  • Lohre et al[2]
    • Sensitivity: 100%
    • Specificity: 0%
    • LR+: 1.0
    • PPV: 10%
    • NPV: n/a
    • Accuracy: 0.50

See Also


  1. Dutton, Mark. "Dutton's Orthopaedic examination, evaluation, and intervention." (No Title) (2012).
  2. Lohre, Ryan, and Bassem Elhassan. "Serratus anterior dysfunction examination: wall push-up or shoulder flexion resistance test?." JSES international 6.5 (2022): 859-866.
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