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Olecranon Bursa

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Anatomy of the olecranon bursa[1]
  • Only bursa of the elbow joint
  • Lies between:
  • Description[2][3]
    • Floor: triceps brachii tendon and olecranon
    • Roof: in contact with the overlying subcutaneous tissue
    • Thin walled sac lined with synovium
    • Under normal circumstances, contains only a very small amount of fluid
  • Development[4]
    • Develops between the ages of 7 and 10
  • Extra-articular!


  • Function is to create frictionless motion between
    • Triceps brachii tendon and olecranon process deep to the bursa
    • Soft tissue superficial to it during elbow motion.

Vascular Supply

  • Network of vessels and branches of the brachial artery (need citation)


Clinical Significance

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