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  • General
  • Anatomic Description
    • Trochlear notch is on the anterior surface of ulna and it articulates with trochlea of humerus
    • Coronoid process is located below the trochlear notch
    • Radial notch is located on the lateral surface of the coronoid process and it serves for articulation with the radius
    • Supinator crest is located below the radial notch and it gives origin to the supinator muscle
    • The shaft of ulna goes from above down
    • The shaft has a sharp interosseous border laterally for interosseous membrane attachment
    • The ulna posterior border is rounded and subcutaneous
    • The head of the ulna is located at its distal end
    • The styloid process is a projection from the medial aspect of ulnar head
  • Annular Ligament
    • Extends from the surface of the ulna both anterior and posterior to the radial notch and wraps the head of the radius
    • Holding it in the radial notch of the ulna
    • Helps to form the pivot type joint known as the proximal radio-ulnar joint.
  • Ulnar Collateral Ligament
    • Located in the medial side of the elbow
    • Attached to the humerus and to the ulna
    • Consists of three bands anterior, posterior and transverse it plays an important role in elbow stability.


Vascular supply


Clinical Significance

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