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  • General
    • The word Lunate is derived from the Latin word Luna meaning crescent-shaped or moon.[1]
    • Situated in the center of the proximal row of the Carpus.
    • Located between the Scaphoid and Triquetrum.
  • Anatomic Description
    • The superior surface is convex and smooth that articulates with the Radius.
    • The inferior surface is deeply concave articulating with the head of the Capitate and the Hamate.
    • The lateral surface has a narrow, semilunar facet for articulation with the Scaphoid.
    • The medial surface has a smooth facet, for articulation with the Cuneiform.[2]


  • Function
    • Provide osseous structure to the wrist
    • Involved in movement of the wrist
  • Articular
  • Ligament Attachments
    • Scapholunate Ligament
    • Luno-triquetral Ligament
    • Radio-luno-triquetral Ligament
    • Radio-scapho-lunate Ligament
    • Ulno-lunate ligaments

Vascular supply

  • Branches from the dorsal radiocarpal arch and dorsal intercarpal arch.

Clinical Significance

See Also


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