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  • Anatomy
    • Wedge shaped bone
    • Midfoot bone which stabilizes lateral column
  • Articulations
  • Peroneal sulcus
    • On plantar surface, runs plantar wards and medially toward the insertion of the tendon in the first metatarsal bone
    • Cuboid acts as a fulcrum during the contraction of the peroneus longus


  • Stabilize calcaneocuboid joint during weight bearing[1]
  • Support and stabilize lateral column
  • Acts as a fulcrum during contraction of peroneal longus

Vascular Supply

  • Lateral plantar artery


Clinical Significance

See Also


  1. Bonnel F, Teissier P, Colombier JA, Toullec E, Assi C. Biometry of the calcaneocuboid joint: Biomechanical implications. Foot Ankle Surg. 2013;19:70–5.
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