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Sweep Test

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Other Names

  • Knee Hydrops Test
  • Knee Effusion Test
  • Effusion Wave Test
  • Bulge Test
  • Patella Sweep Test
  • Brush Test
  • Swipe Test
  • Stroke Test



  • The patient is supine, knee in as neutral position (extended) as patient will tolerate
  • Examiner places hand on the medial tibiofemoral joint space
  • Examiner then strokes hand upwards towards the suprapatellar bursa in a sweeping motion to move the effusion from the joint capsule to the suprapatellar recess
  • This may be repeated 2-3 times
  • The examiner then strokes the suprapatellar bursa downwards on the lateral aspect of the knee towards the lateral joint line
  • Positive test:
    • Small wave or bulge on the medial aspect of the knee



  • Unknown

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