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Chopart Joint

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  • General
    • Connects the hindfoot to the midfoot
    • Alternative names include midtarsal joint, transverse tarsal joint
    • Named after French surgeon François Chopart (1743-1795), who performed amputations through this joint in cases of necrosis of the forefoot[1]
  • Anatomy
    • Composed of the condyloid talonavicular joint and the saddle-shaped calcaneocuboid joint.
    • These two joints invert and evert with the subtalar joint.
  • Talonavicular joint
    • Stabilized in part by the acetabulum pedis, a deep socket that contains the head of the talus.
    • Composed of the concave proximal surface of the navicular, the anterior and middle facets of the calcaneus, the spring ligament, and the bifurcate Y-shaped ligament
  • Calcaneocuboid joint
    • Concave vertically and convex transversely
    • Forms the articulation between the anterior process of the calcaneus and the cuboid
    • This highly congruent joint “locks in” during step-off.


  • The Chopart complex has a high degree of mobility
    • Allows the hindfoot to pivot while the forefoot remains stationary on the ground
    • Functions as a unit to invert and evert the foot
    • Stabilizes the midfoot during the pushoff phase of gait

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Clinical Significance

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  1. Wolf JH. Francois Chopart (1743-1795)dinventor of the partial foot amputation atthe tarsometatarsal articulation. Orthop Traumatol 12:341–344, 200
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