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Fibular Fracture

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Other Names

  • Isolated fibula fracture
  • Fibula Fracture
  • Mid Shaft Fibular Fracture
  • Proximal Fibular Fracture
  • Maisonneuve fracture
  • Dupuytren's Fracture
  • Frenchman's Fibular Fracture



  • Maisonneuve fractures are named after French surgeon Jules Germain Francois Maisonneuve[1]


  • Very little literature on the epidemiology of isolated fibular fractures[2]


  • General
    • Isolated fibula fractures are rare
  • Etiology
    • Fall
    • Direct blow or blunt trauma (sports, MVC)
    • Penetrating trauma (gunshot wounds)

Maisonneuve Fracture

Associated Injuries

Pathoanatomy of the Fibula

Risk Factors

Differential Diagnosis

Clinical Features

  • History
    • Some type of trauma to the leg should be obvious in the history
    • The patient will be tender over the fracture area
  • Physical Exam: Physical Exam Leg
  • Special Tests


Radiograph of right tibia fibula consistent with Maisonneuve fracture


  • Standard Radiographs Tibia Fibula
    • Sufficient to make diagnosis
    • Generally should image the knee and ankle as well
  • Shaft Fracture Findings
    • Disruption of osseous cortex
  • Proximal fractures/ Maisonneuve
    • May show a fracture of the medial malleolus, widening of the medial ankle joint


  • There is currently no classification for mid-shaft or proximal fibula fractures



  • Indications - Shaft fractures
    • Majority of cases
    • Absence of complications or co-injuries
  • Indications - Proximal fractures/ Maisonneuve
    • Stable syndesmosis, ankle joint under stress radiographs


  • Indications
    • Most Maissoneuve fractures
  • Technique
    • Most fibular fractures do not require fixation
    • Repair any ankle injuries, syndesmotic injuries

Rehab and Return to Play


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Return to Play

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Complications and Prognosis


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See Also


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